Our services

Elektromontage EM d.o.o.

We provide to our clients different teams which are consisting of industrial electricians, industrial mechanics and other fitters. During the team formation, we pay great attention to the expertise, qualifications and previous experience of the team members, with the aim that it optimally corresponds to the project’s needs.

As we provide our services abroad, we attach great importance to the knowledge of foreign languages. All our employees speak and write in English, and the most of team members also speak German language, so that communication during the implementation of tasks flows smoothly.

In cooperation with our business partner Instruktažni centar d.o.o. employees are continuously educated in the field of safety at work and fire protection. Each team member is equipped with basic tools of renowned brands, as well as protective equipment according to regulations. The teams go out on the field project with official vehicles of recent years and regularly serviced in our auto mechanic workshop:

We operate throughout Western Europe