Electrical services in Croatia

Elektromontage EM d.o.o.

The company Elektromontage EM d.o.o., which usually is providing industrial installation services abroad, in 2023 started working on house and commercial installations in the Republic of Croatia.

We perform all types of electrical work, whether on existing or new buildings and also we are characterized by accuracy and precision in performing works. With our experience gained working abroad, we want to convey professionalism in the performing and monitoring of the most demanding electrical installation projects.

The services we perform on the domestic market include the following:
– electricity connections
– smart home
– connection and commissioning via mobile application
– testing of installations
– reconstruction of existing connections
– installation of distribution cabinets
– installation of lighting fixtures, sockets and switches
– cabling
– installation of basic grounding devices and creation of a complete lightning protection installation
– laying of connection cables
– insatallation of temporary and construction connections
– installation of solar power plants
– installation and service of air conditioners
– other electrical works according to the needs and wishes of the client