About us

Elektromontage EM d.o.o.

The company's mission: Constant growth and development of the company, adaptation to the needs and situation on the market, as well as a guarantee of service quality and an individual approach to the clients. The basis form of the company's mission are people with special knowledge, skills, organizational abilities that are based on the principle of self-learning and the ability to adapt quickly and efficiently to the innovative market.

The vision of the company: to ensure the constant development of the company with high quality services and the knowledge of employees. By investing in employees, caring for the preservation of the environment and society as a whole, develop our entrepreneurial idea towards the final client and market.


• Expanding the business of providing industrial installation services - strengthening the position on the market

• Expansion of activities towards the provision of new services

• Development of employees' knowledge and skills – internal development


Company name: ELEKTROMONTAGE EM d.o.o.

Year of establishment: 2017.

Registration number of the entity: 04797701

ID number: 79554777110

VAT ID (EORI number): HR79554777110

IBAN: HR8924840081135049679

Business bank: Raiffeisenbank d.d.

Main activity: 33.20 Installation of industrial machinery and equipment

Headquarters: Ulica grada Vukovara 39, 48350 Đurđevac, Croatia

Contact: +385 923358347

e-mail: info@elektromontage-em.hr

Director: Elvis Matulec





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+385 (92) 33-58-347
Ulica grada Vukovara 39,
48350 Đurđevac, Hrvatska
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